Rhodos, Greece

The Old Town, July-August 2006


The midieval wall surrounding the Old Town was built in the 16th century. I guess the Italians rebuilt most of it in the 20th century.  

This  view of the Old Town  overlooking the harbour, was recorded during a walk on the wall, July 2006.

Stitched from 10 photographs done with a Pentax *ist DL and a SMC Pentax-FA 2.0/24mm lens


3D image generated by PhotoVista Panorama 3.5 from Iseemedia

 This Old Town square has a fountain that attracts a lot of doves - as well as tourists.

The panorama was stitched in PhotoVista Panorama 3.5 from 15 images recorded with a Pentax *ist DL a SMC Pentax-FA 2.0/24mm lens and a Kaidan Kiwi-L panorama head on a regular tripod